Why Do Independent Business Owners Quit?

independent business owners quit

What makes independent business owners quit? Who are independent business owners? Just a few of the possibilities include professional service providers like accountants, financial advisers, and designers. We also find consultants and coaches from a wide variety of industries. Another segment of independent business owners with continual growth are affiliate marketers and network marketers. Regardless of what type…

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Getting More Done with the Workflowy App

workflowy app

The Workflowy app is an excellent tool for organizing your content creation. There are some programs and apps that just speak the same language as you. For me, Workflowy is definitely one of those apps. It’s simple, straight forward design make it easy to organize your thoughts and be more productive. In today’s video I…

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3 Apps for Creating Instagram Posts

creating instagram posts

Want to start creating Instagram posts that pop? The tools that are available today for editing images and video are amazing. You’ve probably heard people say “there’s an app for that”, right? Well… there really is an app for just about everything. Apps for creating Instagram posts are certainly no exception. There are many. In…

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How to Choose a Responsive Theme for Your Website

responsive theme

What is a responsive theme and why do you need one for your website? A responsive theme smoothly adjusts the layout of a website for multiple types of devices. This type of theme changes the screen resolution to optimally fit desktops, tablet and smartphones to improve user experience. A responsive theme is now a must…

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