5 Simple Steps for Creating Your First Website


Is the thought of creating your first website freaking you out? Getting your website up and running doesn’t need cause you anxiety or break your bank account. You deal with enough difficult issues in your business, right? A website shouldn’t be one of those issues. In today’s video I give you 5 simple steps to…

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How To Create Strong Networking Relationships

networking relationships

What is the key to creating strong networking relationships? I love the following quote form Gary Vaynerchuk… What value are you bringing to your networking relationships? If your focus is always on what others can do for you and your business then you will struggle to create meaningful relationships. How can you go 51/49 with…

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How Does a Website Help a Business?

does a website help a business

In what ways does a website help a business? We live in a digital world. If you want to learn anything, you can just pick up your phone and search for it. Regardless of what business you are in, you have a competitor who is online with a professional website. Now I do meet business…

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Why Do Independent Business Owners Quit?

independent business owners quit

What makes independent business owners quit? Who are independent business owners? Just a few of the possibilities include professional service providers like accountants, financial advisers, and designers. We also find consultants and coaches from a wide variety of industries. Another segment of independent business owners with continual growth are affiliate marketers and network marketers. Regardless of what type…

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