I grew up in a small town in Northern Illinois named Rockton. My entire life I have been involved in sports either as an athlete or a coach.

After graduating high school I received a scholarship to play football at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I had the chance to play in a couple of bowl games including the Rose Bowl. I met some amazing people along the way that are still great friends.

After a brief attempt at the NFL, I went back to graduate school to get my teaching certificate. This is also when I started coaching football at the college and high school levels.

After completing my certification I actually went into the transportation industry as a trainer. Not exactly what I expected, but at the time I was coaching in a small town that didn’t have any open teaching positions so I took what I could get.

My wife Miki and I got married at this time and we started building our life together. We have four amazing kids who are, and always will be, our greatest accomplishments.

Stark family on vacation.

Stark family on vacation.

My life changed drastically when our 2nd child Kaden was diagnosed with a progressive mitochondrial disease in 2007: lots of crying, questioning of faith and soul searching.

Kaden has taught me more about life than anyone else ever will. I awoke to what was most important in life and for that I am grateful. Every day is a gift and most people never realize it.

Gaining perspective didn’t help my situation at the time.  Just before this news I had moved to a big corporate job doing risk management and my career was about to take off. Instead, I was so unbelievably stressed that I was starting to feel trapped.

I was trying to cram a 60-70 hour/week job into 40 hours so that I could be home to help with my son. My work and my relationships suffered. I had to make a change.

Late in 2007 my wife and I sat down and decided we had to make a change. With where our careers were at the time, it made more sense for me to cut back my hours and I was presented with an opportunity that made it possible. I was able to go back, part time, to a small transportation company that I had worked for in the past. This was a life-saver and allowed us to give Kaden the care he needed.

As the years passed by I started to get a feeling that I needed more. I was very happy with my job and still work there today but I needed more. I needed something that I could do that would give me the flexibility to care for my son’s growing needs and still have time for my wife and our other 3 children.

After a lot of research and several good ideas that went nowhere, I realized that network marketing was the answer.

There is no other industry that would allow me to have this kind of freedom, coupled with the thrill of owning my own business and having an unlimited income potential. As I said, I have been a coach for a lot of years. Many of those years were spent on a field or in a gym. Now I get to use those skills to coach others to find success in their business, which is extremely rewarding.

After years of studying digital marketing and website development I feel I have a lot to offer my clients. I want to help you build your business. It truly is possible to create a successful business from home. You just need to learn the skills necessary to make it happen.

Don’t give up on your dreams, make your dreams happen!

To Your Success,

A couple more things you might like to know about me and my family:

I am an AVID Wisconsin Badger Fan and I will not take calls during Badger football or basketball games. (Unless it’s important because I have a DVR… so call me any time.) That’s me with the really bad mullet far left.

As a family, we are passionate about the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Our son Kaden received a wish in 2011 and it changed our lives. Because of this, we have been very involved in raising money for Make-A-Wish. Fundraising for Make-A-Wish is Kaden’s favorite activity and, to-date, Kaden has helped raise over $200,000 and granted 30 wishes. You can probably see why he is so inspiring to me.

Kaden's Wish Tailgate Event

Kaden’s Wish Tailgate Event

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