YouTube SEO Tips: Placing Keywords


Properly placing keywords is an essential part of on-page YouTube SEO. Without proper placement, ranking your videos can become very difficult. In this video we share some tips on how you should place your keywords and where in the editing page of YouTube you should focus.

First, make sure that the name of file you upload is the same as the keyword you are trying to rank. You will see this file on the right had side of the video in the editing page. This is the raw file that YouTube uses for the video.

The title is also an important spot for your keyword. Make sure the title includes the keyword. Having a catchy title is also helpful when you want to get the clicks from google when you do rank.

Last is the description. You cannot just type your keyword over and over making a garbled mess that no one can understand. Write your description and place the keyword several times so that it is well used but not overdone. Google is smart and they will pick up if you just throw your keyword in every other sentence.

Check out the video to see on screen where to place your keywords.

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